Quake2 United


This project was started because we have too many Quake2 clients (and few servers) around here with a similar features. You can check it in Other Projects page. Theese clients are in different stadium development and activity. Projects are managed by one developer only at the most time.

Me, and i hope some developers too, believe we really needs some bigger project, on which we can cooperate. With the real team, we can do a better and quicker work.

We want to setup something like CVS server, in which a few core developers can add their code and code of other peoples from comunity.

Primary goals of the project are:

1. stable and secure client AND server
2. anticheat stuff, both client and server side
3. not windows dependent, binary at least for win and linux
4. well-proven features from other projects or comunity wide requested features

Some of theese things we will discuss later. For example, we also discussed a modular design of engine.

If you want, you can check summary of project at sf.net.